Are you a potential client?

Are you dealing with an estate or partial collection of a deceased family member? Are you down-sizing or tired of keeping all those things you inherited 20 years ago and really don't need or like (oops, we finally said it!) 

You may be a potential candidate for an estate sale if you fall into one of these categories. The answer is either an email or brief phone call to find out.  If you have only a few items to sell or consign sending us digital images is preferred.  If you need an entire estate or collection sold it's best to make an appointment for an on-site visit. Before a visit, we ask that you have a general idea of what items family members are keeping so we can have a better understanding of what you need.

We handle a broad variety of items including but not limited to antiques, art,  jewelry, furniture, household items, sporting equipment, automobiles. Our estate sale services does not end at the sale, we have resources to help you post sale such as clean out providers, donation services  and other professionals you may need.

How we work…

  • Pricing by specialists and appraisers in the industry at Fair Market Value
  • Our staff sorts, cleans, polishes, displays, prices and inventories (items over $100) every saleable piece of merchandise to be sold or groups of items
  • Stages each and every room and presents all merchandise to look its best for our visiting customers. Presentation sells!
  • Provides a knowledgeable and friendly sales staff to assist buyers.
  • Professional marketing of your sale by internet advertising, print advertising, website advertising, accurate descriptions of items and professional quality photography.
  • Custom made signs and banners - taken up at the conclusion of every sale day.
  • Combining appropriate consignments, if needed, to a sale that can fill in gaps by items taken by family members
  • Removal of all unsold items and arranges for charitable donations and auction consignments to be taken at the conclusion of the sale
  • Secure entry and exit during the sale - a check point discourages those who may have an alternate agenda.